On this trip I have made scones, banana bread, and strawberry muffins.

Chocolate and Raspberry scones


Jungle River Tour

Matanchen Bay

Today we took a Jungle River Tour. We went under the Mangroves and saw birds, Crocodiles, and turtles. We also went to a small zoo!

Getting ready to go on the tour

A small Crocodile

Dad in his adventure hat


A big crocodile

Turtles on a log

Exploring the zoo


A Cute Critter


Today I woke up, got dressed, and ate a croissant. Mom wanted me and Camille to go and play the piano in the lobby of the hotel, so we packed our piano books and I packed my kindle to read while Camille played piano. I scootered up to the elevator entrance. I left my scooter in the entrance and rode the elevator to the lobby. Me and Camille both played the piano and when dad got there I played him a special song I had been working hard on. After we both played the piano dad wanted to scope out the 2nd pool, so after some ramps, staircases, and elevator rides we finally got there. It wasn’t that big, but the view was cool where we were. When we finally got back down I went to retrieve my scooter but it was gone! 😥
We hurried up the elevator to the lobby and asked if they had seen it, or it was in lost and found, but they couldn’t find it. I looked around the pool area to see if someone had taken it, but we had no luck. We had to go back to the boat because we where planning to take a bus to Malaque.

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The Crazy Brennan’s

Funny Pictures of This Trip

Kyra sipping coconut milk In Mazatlán
Furiously Driving
Making a Face at the Camera


Cool Drink

Surprise Picture

Don’t Take a Picture of Me

Funny Hair Doos

Making Funny Faces

Trying on dad’s hat

Funny Selfies

Biting the Pom-Pom


A Day In Barra Navidad


This morning I woke up and listened to dad doing the morning radio net. I forgot to brush my hair this morning, (more like I didn’t feel like it.) Any ways, when Dad was done with the radio net I ate half of an almond croissant and half of a mini apple pie that mom and dad had got from a French baker earlier that morning. While I was eating breakfast, mom and dad got ready to go and play tennis and left. Violet (Camille’s friend) and Camille ambled out of bed and Violet got her stuff and went back to her boat. After she left I found she left her hat and earbuds, but that wasn’t a problem because she was only a few slips down.
Anyways, while mom and dad where gone playing tennis Camille was on her phone and I was reading a book. When they got back Camille quickly hid her phone and I kept reading. After that I had to do my science. When mom and dad went to town with Sassafrass, me and Camille did our science and then went to the pool. When we got back from the pool a few ours later. We went back and changed and had a snack. Camille and Violet hung out and I read.
When it was time to make dinner, I read while Camille and mom worked on making tortellini. It was very good since we hadn’t had it in a while. After dinner I read some more and wrote some of the blog. When Violet came over we decided to watch a movie we all agreed on Mamma Mia! It was a good movie and I liked it but it finished at 11:00 and I was so tired I almost fell asleep before the movie ended. I managed to stay awake for the end but got ready for bed, hopped in my bed and fell fast asleep.

Visiting Cousins in Temecula

On October 14, we drove up to Temecula to visit our cousins Hannah and Lilly.

First, we went to Hannah’s soccer game. Thank goodness Shary had brought some umbrella’s because it was blistering hot that day. We watched both halves and Hannah’s team played a good game, but unfortunately they lost.

After the game we went to the grocery store and bought some things for dinner and went to their house to eat.

While mom, Shary, and Steve prepared the dinner, me, Hannah and Lilly scootered.

Scootering  with Hannah and Lily

Dinner was delicious we ate salad and chicken. For dessert we had cookies, brownies, and ice cream.  After dinner we went to Hannah and Lily’s room and told scary stories.👀

Finally we had to go back to the boat. It was sad to leave, but they came and visited us in San Diego a few weeks after.

Saying goodbye to Hannah and Lily in Temecula

Hanging out in San Diego