Cruising Schedule

Where is Anila now and where is she going next?

We’ve had many questions about our overall cruising plans and where we will ultimately end up. In 2017 we departed Seattle, WA on a sunny September 1st headed to San Diego.  We had a lot of preparation and boat maintenance done there before finally departing stateside for Mexico.

We made it all the way to Barra Navidad, Mexico for Christmas and New Years with lots of stops in between where we met many wonderful people and made some great friends, both kids and adults.

In 2018, we plan to continue down the coast of Mexico to El Salvador and possibly Costa Rica before hopping over to the Galapagos Islands in March. Following the Galapagos, we have a long three-week “puddle jump” to French Polynesia arriving by the end of April.

We haven’t worked out our South Pacific route fully yet, but we will continue to work our way west towards New Zealand and Australia. To avoid the southern hemisphere cyclone season, we’ll need to reach one of these island countries by late September or early October of 2018.  At that point we’ll assess the voyage so far and decide what to do next!