Enroute to Bahia Santa Maria

Greetings from the next leg of our Baja Ha Ha rally! Despite our late start from San Diego we arrived in Turtle Bay in just two days with a pack of boats coming in just after dawn. Most of the trip down the 313 nm was motor sailing due to light 3-5 kts winds. We sailed under main and spinnaker for about 3 hours on the second day before winds let us down again.
It was in interesting two days in Turtle Bay as local fishermen in their “panga” boats came out to offer taxi rides, garbage pickup (basura), ice (hielo), and fuel at a pricey $6/gallon. We opted to fill our four Jerry cans with 20 gallons but the credit card machine was down due to bad connectivity. We were told that 4 rallies pass through this little fishing village each year and the locals are friendly and helpful, and certainly happy for the business opportunity. The kids were let off school on Thursday and Friday to help out their families in support of the fleet and to participate in the baseball game on Thursday and beach party on Friday.
The cell tower had been down when we arrived but was fortunately fixed sometime on the morning of November 2nd. Voice and texting worked find, but data was flaky. We’ll post more with photos when we have a faster data connection. Our next stop will have no services or connectivity.
Fortunately, the wind is back today and we are sailing with spinnaker and main at 7.3 kts down the Baja coast. We had a chance to try out our new spinnaker pole for the downwind run this morning. It’s very pleasant and to be making such good time with no engine noise and mild seas. The crew is in good spirits but Camille and Kyra still need to get going with today’s schoolwork to make up for two short school days at Turtle Bay.
Fair winds until our next post!

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