Passage Making from Seattle to San Diego

September 2nd – Amongst much low-lying fog, but sun on our heads, we sailed past the coast of WA lickety split because we had plenty of wind. Even the coast of Oregon seemed to zoom by since we had good wind.

September 4th – We fell into a routine for our passage making from Seattle to San Diego.  Night shifts consisted of 3 hour stretches between myself, Seth and Dave. The mist and fog blanketed the nightwatcher. Luckily I brought a sleeping bag that came in very handy. With 25 knot winds, after dinner, Seth myself and the girls attempted to play cards. Pretty comical since the cards were so damp and threatened to blow away if we didn’t hold them down, but we persevered for what seemed hours until a few turned in for some zzz’s. Night watch was really boring because there was rarely anything to see in the dark, misty night. We were between 50 – 70 miles off shore and only saw the occasional fishing boat. The new gyro-stabilized binoculars made a huge difference. AIS worked beautifully and gave me great comfort because I could see freighters or other large ships and know our closest point of approach was a safe distance away (usually over 3 miles away) and never even seen in the foggy night, but at least I knew what was out there.


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