Seattle September Visit and Saying Good-Bye

September 11 – Flew the Alaska albatross home to Seattle. Ah, was good to be home, except wait, our house was totally under construction so we couldn’t actually stay there. The sun was bright and shiny when we arrived, albeit cooler than San Diego. Lucy dog was happy to see us when we pulled in to the hood. Staying at the Lord’s and dog sitting Lucy was just what we needed!

September 15 – Birthday season was upon us! Happy Birthday to my love of my life who turned the big five oh! Hard to believe. Dinner at the Rasmussen’s was so much fun!

September 16 – Mini golf for Kyra’s birthday proved to be a hit! Crisp in the morning, but by 11am at Willow’s Run Putt Putt, it was sunny and warm.

September 20 – What an amazing opening performance by Columbia Choirs at the Mariners game! Love their singing: The Star Spangled Banner.

September 22 – Having 5-7 girls over for a teen birthday party was quite an experience! MOD pizza all around. Loved seeing my sister, Ang, and having dinner together.

September 25 – The big surgery day. Tonsils be gone with you – from Camille’s throat! Went smoothly just not the post pharmacy pick up of drugs. We sure have a pharma system that can make things complicated. For Hydrocodone had to have prescription in hand, no electronic business. Not many pharmacies had liquid pain meds so went all over the place. Finally found one but they explained that the doc had prescribed something no longer made and needed another hand-written script! Ugh!

September 29 – When Kyra’s actual birthday day came, she asked to eat at El Gaucho – yummy choice! We gorged ourselves because, besides the dinner, it was my first time getting dessert too. Bananas foster flambé tableside. I always wanted to do that and now had enough people to justify it. Rich beyond words but so worth is!

October 6 – Not sure how I squeezed so much stuff into the day. Annual doctor checkups then Camille went to Imagine Dragons with Maya (Jeff and Jocelyn took them, while Juli returned the pair – thank you so much). Sushi spread with Bill, Liz and Anne was awesome, and wine with the ladies was even better.  Probably drank too much but had to get my fill.

October 9 – So good to be “home” on the boat in San Diego to sleep in my own bed. Flying today from Seattle back to San Diego. Happy to find warmth, leave the cold behind. Sad to leave friends and family, but oh so thankful to them all for their generosity, support and love as we embark on this year long sailing adventure.

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