Hello 2018

Violet and I slept in until 12:30 after the late night. She came in to wake me up and told me we were going surfing at two. I rolled out of bed to find that mom and dad had gone on a hike with Jake. I got all of my stuff together, and when they got back at about 1:15 Mom gave me the money and after waiting way to long for a water taxi arrived at the surf shop to get the board I would use from Carla. Carlos brought us down the beach to stretch then we got in the water, with booties on to avoid getting cut up feet. Violet and I paddled out to the small waves that were breaking because the surf wasn’t too good today. We waited until a good wave came then Carlos pushed me in and I almost stood up. A few more tries and I was standing up almost every time. The first time I stood up the darned wave abandoned me, and I was left just standing on my board. When our time was up we got out and gave the board back to Carla and Carlos. Violet and I then returned to the water with her board and tried to surf on our own. Turns out we have absolutely no ability to predict where a wave it and missed virtually all the good ones. After another hour we came in and ate pastries our moms had bought. Right before we left a big Mexican family set their stuff about three feet in front of us with no apparent consciousness that they were extremely close, and just sat their talking and drinking beer until we left. We headed back for the boats to get ready to have our last dinner with the Scotts. We went to the place next to the one we went to for Mom’s birthday. I ordered beef fajitas and they were delicious. I slept well that night after a filling dinner.

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