1/12/18 – 1/15/18

Let’s just say I did not experience much Acapulco, I left the marina once to go look at the cliff divers. The night that we arrived there I only left the boat to go to the bathroom. Then next day I spent mostly doing my school work and at the end of the day I went up to the pool do to some laps because swimming is almost the only exercise I get, other than cranking a winch. I didn’t venture away from the dock until two days later when I participated in a diving adventure. The first dive had a ton of current and if I stopped swimming then into the channel in would have gone! The second dive was lovely because we swam with the current the whole time and the boat picked us up around the corner. There was an adorable turtle and many interesting fish that most of the sites have. Finally, on the day we left we walked to the other side of the bay to see cliff divers. We bought lunch at the restaurant on the hill in front of cliff. There were eight divers. One who dove from the lower rock to start, then two jumped at the same time from the middle, a third went after about five minutes of preparing to jump finally did. Then there was on more jumper before the man on the top jumped. As soon as they all finished we hurried out to get food and then return to the boat to pull out of Acapulco. I pulled away from the dock at 5:45 pm and drove the boat until the we realized a tanker was coming right at us and handed the wheel over to mom and dad. They circled around being the huge boat and we continued our journey south.

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  1. I enjoyed reading your post. You are going to find that scuba diving gets easier the more you get to dive. Enjoy your adventures south. We are looking forward to catching up with you and diving in the S Pacific.

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