1/17/18 – 1/20/18

After a two night overnight while coming down the coast we pulled into the marina in Huatulco at first light. I wasn’t awake when that happened because I’m usually asleep until the sun has been out for at least 5 hours, and I remained in my cozy bed until ten thirty when I was forced to emerge from my bundle of blankets and pillows. We were in a cute little rundown marina with a dive shop and delicious restaurants. I immediately started to do school work, as most of my mornings commence with. When one o’clock came around we where all hungry and went up to one of the cafes for lunch. There served incredible baguette sandwiches and lemonades. After getting my fill of food, I headed back to the boat to finish my school work before we went out to dinner. After three more nights out on the town at night and our daily school work the high winds finally ceased and our window of opportunity opened. So, tonight we are pulling out of the marina to anchor until midnight then pull away from Huatulco to head across Tehuantepec and to Puerto Chiapas.


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  1. We had a crazy big storm on the Oregon coast last week, waves 50-60 feet high crashing into the coast. Hope you didnt get those big waves and wind.

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