The Lovely Los Meurtos

December 2 – Back in Los Meurtos – our favorite bay with clear water! Arrived just at sunset.  Saw some wacky rays flopping out of the water as we entered the bay.  We heard the sound, but didn’t know what it was at first.  They really slap the water as they flop out.

Had breakfast at the little restaurant on the East side of the bay with Waponi Woo and Three Quarter Time boat friends we met in La Paz.

Kyra and I snorkeled at the rocks, thanks to Waponi Woo lending us their dinghy anchor. It was pretty good snorkeling, but not as good as the coral head outcropping right off the beach, so we headed there after a bit and saw many fish happily buzzing about in the coral.

The evening was spent dining and planning the rally across to Mazatlán at the Trene Restaurant with the cool bar, upstairs trains, arcade games, pool and water slide. We met two other catamaran boats: Muskoka and Mai Tai who were also heading across. They decided to depart around 2 am, we opted for 4 am and to catch up to them since they were going 6 knots. We caught up to them by afternoon. Not much wind for sailing across, a little so we motor sailed to Mazatlán.

When we left Meurtos I was on watch to see the most amazing sunrise and red moon setting at the same time. I tried to capture it via photo and video but neither does it justice. The beauty was unbelievable.

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