Sibling Fighting on a Boat Is Intense

December 17 –  Why is it our kids have to constantly fight and harangue each other?  We cannot just be a happy, easy-going, relaxed family.  There’s always inequity, things are unfair, and injustice happens regularly.  There’s always complaining about who did what to whom.  The poking and one-upping is a sport.  The sneaking around doing what one shouldn’t be doing, then when caught, denying it or being quick to be defensive is a common occurrence every hour.  I’m not sure how I am still smiling.  My life soul is zapped!  I try every day.  I give every day.  I love every day.  I ask and remind very kindly every day.  I respect them every day.  I respond to their demands and requests every day.  In return I get crapped on.  It’s really hard to keep smiling when it never stops.  I see other families with children who aren’t fighting incessantly or snarking at one another for everything.  Yes, I’m coveting other’s happiness.  All I want for Christmas is a happy family.  This sounds so corny or cliché but it’s truly all I wish for this holiday.

Maybe because we live on a boat and we are so close together all the time that this occurs?

It’s not like we don’t get off it ever though!  We go out to eat and do all sorts of fun activities.  <Sigh>.


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  1. RE: “Sibling Fighting on a Boat Is Intense”, have you considered boarding school? Just Kidding – I hope your days have been happy and filled with fun adventure (hard work too, I know!) Take care, Sue

  2. All things considered, and I am not just being the bias Grandma, your girls are really great. Teenage and adolescence hormones combined with confined space for days at a time has got to fray everyone’s last nerve. You are both awesome parents and those girls have no idea how lucky they are. Not many kids get to have all the adventures they are having or have already had.
    Hang in there😗

  3. 🙁 I know how you feel, but not trapped in a small space. Time to use your scary mom voice or cry until they come up with a solution. It may buy you a week? xo to you.

  4. The squabbles will likely be distant memories for them later on…overshadowed by all of the fun and adventurus memories they will cherish their entire lives.
    You are an awesome mother.

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