Anila Day 4: Rain & Squalls

Summary: We are thankful the engine is running again and for the good wind we had last night, sailing at 7-9 kts. This morning we came into a rain and squall zone with confused seas and shifting winds again as we constantly adjust sails.
Position: 07 14.16 S 096 59.82 W at 12:30 pm CST
COG: 225 degrees m
Distance : 160 nm (24 hr), 610 nm total
Average Speed 6.7 kts (24 hr)
Distance to go to Hiva Oa: 2,500 nm
We had excellent sailing conditions and speed last light, however we are not so lucky today. It’s been nearly constant rain, squalls, confused seas and shifting winds. Latest forecasts show lighter winds coming our way so we’re trying to continue SW where we may find better conditions. We had to run the engine this morning to charge batteries as the generator exhaust is often below the waterline on our port tack. Later in the afternoon the winds started to straighten themselves out and as of 2:45 pm CST we’re not getting rocked as much and cruising along at 8.5 knots. We need to break out some brownies tonight for yummy dessert. Thank goodness we stocked up on a lot of good food.
Wildlife Sightings: More dead flying fish and squid on deck.

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  1. Ever since you left the Galapagos islands, we’ve been really following your daily posts… I am so blown away by the adventure you guys are having… I bet you’ve had some incredibly scary and some incredibly awesome experiences over the last few days…. Keep those blog posts coming, and stay safe…

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