Anila Day 7 Update: Beatballs

Summary: Another good day of sailing with some sun and a clear night full of starts. Clouds are back today with lighter winds despite forecast showing increasing winds.
Position: 08 27.95 S 105 51.01 W at 12:00 UTC-7
COG: 254 degrees m
Distance : 183 nm (24 hr), 1,154 nm total
Average Speed 7.6 kts (24 hr)
Distance to go to Hiva Oa: 1,947 nm
It was nice to have some sun back yesterday and have a change for things to dry out a bit. The sky remained clear last night, the first time we could see a full sky of stars since leaving the Galapagos. A wind shift last night put us off the rhumb line a bit to avoid uncomfortable seas and flapping sails. Dave saw a the brightest meteoroid he’s ever seen. It was bright green with a tail and almost looked like a flare falling straight down from the west.
We had pasta and “beatballs” for dinner last night, making a creative use of our vegetables for another delicious meal.
Wildlife Sightings: Flying fish on deck and birds.

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  1. Wow! Fantastic! You guys are making some good time! And the clear skies and beautiful meteors are thrilling!!!

  2. I can’t imagine how incredible it must be to see stars over the dark ocean! The meteor must have been awesome to see out there!

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