Day 17 Update: 2 am Sail Change

Summary: We had another fast day, which would have beat our record, if not for squalls in the night.
Position: 09 24.44 S 134 41.14 W at 12:00 UTC-8
COG: 250 degrees m
Distance: 188 nm (24 hr), 2,936 nm total
Average Speed : 7.8 kts (24 hr)
Distance to go to Hiva Oa: 240 nm
Yesterday was another nice sail right down the rhumb line under spinnaker alone. Winds picked up after dinner along with the seas. We continued to run with the spinnaker making good speed hitting a max of 11.5 knots! We were hoping to sail through the night again with the spinnaker, but approached squalls and rain at 2 am and felt it was safer to drop it and switch to the stronger genoa given unknown conditions. Although we don’t like doing the sail change at night, we thought we would all sleep better and not risk damage to the spinnaker. Fortunately the sail change went smoothly, but under less canvas we were subject to quite a bit more rolling again which has continued through today. We hoisted the spinnaker again at first light as the winds had diminished again, but the choppier, confused seas have continued with us.
Still it was our second fastest day of the trip and we remain on track for landfall at Hiva Oa by Saturday morning. We can’t wait.
Wildlife Sightings: none

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