Anaho Bay Anchorage

We sailed up to the north side of Nuka Hiva two days ago to the calmest anchorage in the Marquesas. We met up with other boater friends and are enjoying a hike to the neighboring village/bay today. (Where there is some cell coverage!) It’s calm and beautiful in Anaho and we’ve been catching up on our sleep and baking.

Unfortunately the slow coverage keeps timing out when I try to upload a photo so I’ll try again later when we find WiFi again.

3 Replies to “Anaho Bay Anchorage”

  1. We enjoy reading your posts, Brennans! Catching up on sleep and baking sounds like a worthwhile mission!

  2. Nice hear you are enjoying some time hiking and the company of friends! Can’t wait to see your photos.

  3. Haven’t heard how the island is, you must be enjoying time on land. Hope all is well and hopefully sail is being repaired.

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