Birthday Girl Turns 15!

October 13 – Today she’s officially a year older and oh so happy!  Happy Birthday to our oldest daughter, Camille!

We’re in Auckland, NZ waiting for Dave on Anila to arrive in a weeks time.  In the meantime we’re scurrying about the city enjoying sightseeing.

Her activity choice for the day:  Visiting MOTAT – Museum of Transportation and Technology.

Her dinner choice of the day:  Wood-fired pizza at Dante Pizzeria.

Her dessert choice of the day:  Carrot cake with Ben and Jerry’s Tonight Dough starring Jimmy Fallon.

So proud of this young lady!  She’s beautiful, funny, talented and full of energy.

3 Replies to “Birthday Girl Turns 15!”

  1. Happy Birthday Camille!!! Sounds like you made a great day of it! So excited the three of you are in NZ!! You feel closer already, and I’m finally letting myself count down the days (70!) until we see you in AUS!

  2. Happy Birthday, Camille!
    Best wishes for a wonderful, adventure filled year ahead to an amazing 15 year old world traveler!

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