Today I woke up, got dressed, and ate a croissant. Mom wanted me and Camille to go and play the piano in the lobby of the hotel, so we packed our piano books and I packed my kindle to read while Camille played piano. I scootered up to the elevator entrance. I left my scooter in the entrance and rode the elevator to the lobby. Me and Camille both played the piano and when dad got there I played him a special song I had been working hard on. After we both played the piano dad wanted to scope out the 2nd pool, so after some ramps, staircases, and elevator rides we finally got there. It wasn’t that big, but the view was cool where we were. When we finally got back down I went to retrieve my scooter but it was gone! 😥
We hurried up the elevator to the lobby and asked if they had seen it, or it was in lost and found, but they couldn’t find it. I looked around the pool area to see if someone had taken it, but we had no luck. We had to go back to the boat because we where planning to take a bus to Malaque.

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4 Replies to “I LOST MY SCOOTER!”

  1. I’m glad to hear that you had an opportunity to practice playing the piano. I remember how delighted I was to hear you play for great-grandma SanFilippo and I at Addolorato in Wheeling, Illinois!
    I am sorry to hear about the loss of your scooter.
    Aunt Chris

  2. Big no good bummer, Kyra! Sorry about the scooter. On the flip side, how fantastic that you had the opportunity to play the hotel piano! Not only is that good for you, but you treated the guests to a beautiful gift, as they had the pleasure of listening to you! That’s a lovely memory created!

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