Traveling Home

On January 12th Mom, Camille, and I boarded a plane in Australia to fly home. As you know, you can’t time exactly when you must be at the boarding gate, but it is better to be early than late. We were there 2 hours early. I colored in my coloring book, went on my phone and laptop, and did a small bit of homework. Camille was mostly on her phone, and mom was on her laptop, but she constantly kept getting up and walking around because we were going to be sitting down on the plane for five hours. Two hours later we boarded the plane. After five very long and boring hours later of coloring, watching movies, trying to get some sleep in, and snacking, we landed in Honolulu.

It wasn’t a normal layover of two or so hours to quickly get to your next flight, it was a long eight hour layover. We had already planned to go to Pearl Harbor, but we weren’t quite sure about anything else yet. So, this is how our eight hours in Honolulu went.

We landed at around 5:30 in the morning. The first thing we did after all the security kerfuffle was deal with our luggage so we wouldn’t be lugging it around all day. Luckily, we were able to check our big duffels into the flight to Seattle. That didn’t deal with all of our luggage for we still had Camille’s guitar and all of our backpacks. Somebody had told us about airport storage so we goose chase to find it. It took a while because as you know airports are very confusing with their levels and terminals… Anyway, as soon as our backpacks and the guitar were dropped off, we searched up a place to eat breakfast and got an Uber there. We went to a pancake house that was “close” to Pearl Harbor so that we could walk there after eating. We arrived at the pancake house and ordered. Camille and I got the trio which was eggs, meat, and pancakes. Mom got fruit French toast. My mouth was watering when the food came out of the kitchen moments later. One, because I was extremely hungry, and two, because I hadn’t been to a Pancake House in so long.

Less than 30 minutes later we started walking to Pearl Harbor with full and content stomachs. Mom thought it would be a short walk from the Pancake house to Pearl Harbor but it was far from that. It took us an exhausting 30 minutes to get there in the hot sun. (Not that we weren’t used to the sun, but still.) We went from sitting on a plane for 5 hours, to stuffing ourselves with food, to walking 30 minutes to Pearl Harbor.

Back to Pearl Harbor. When we finally succeeded in walking there, we got tickets to the documentary and boat ride around the harbor. We watched the devastating documentary about the bombing and all of the boats that sank and all the people that died. After the sad documentary we climbed aboard the tour boat and heard about the frigates in the harbor and the memorial.  It wasn’t exciting news to hear that we couldn’t go on the memorial because the stairs were cracked. When the boat dropped us back off at the dock we strolled around gazing at torpedoes, submarines, boats and names of people that died on different boats.

We all became tired and we had to head back to the airport anyways to catch our flight on time. We were prepared to take an Uber to the airport, but we didn’t have wifi like we did at the airport and the data on mom’s phone wasn’t working so we could couldn’t call an Uber. The good news was that there was a bus that drove to the airport and the bus stop was right up the road from Pearl Harbor. The bad news was there was only one bus to the airport. We must have just missed it because we waited about an hour before the bus came. At last it arrived. We hopped on the bus and it took off to the airport. When we got off the bus, we realized we had gotten off at the wrong terminal! We had to walk to the correct terminal. Everybody was exhausted when we boarded the plane. I was so exhausted I even fell asleep! When I woke up about an hour later, dinner was awaiting me. I looked at it and thought ew, another gross plane meal. I cookie looked delicious, (I mean you can’t go wrong with a cookie!) The potato chips were potato chips, but the sandwich looked disgusting. I opened the sandwich and took a bite expecting it to taste terrible, but it tasted delicious! It was a Hawaiian chicken sandwich. After a surprisingly good meal I tried to go back to sleep but my numerous attempts failed so I watched movies for the rest of the time.

When the plane started the decent, I had to put my laptop away, so I looked out the window and watches as the plane speed above the city lights. I was so excited to be back home and see my friends and my guinea pigs, but I was also sad to leave our adventures on Anila (the boat). My body was tired and I couldn’t wait to get a good night’s rest. The airplane landed we ambled off to the carousals to pick up our bags and get picked up by Kevin. We loaded our bags into the back of his car and then he drove us back to his house where we got a good night sleep. In the morning we all took a shower then put our stuff into our bags and drove to our friends guest house guest house.                                                                                                                    00

Driving around Niue

Day One
Today we went driving around the island with our friends from the boat Blue Zulu. We woke up packed some stuff including snorkeling gear, snacks and changes of clothes, then we went to shore. It wasn’t a very beautiful day, because I was rain and overcast. Then we hauled our stuff up to place where we rented the van. Our friends from Blue Zulu got some coffee then we loaded our stuff in the van and took off. Patrick (from Blue Zulu) drove because they are from the U.K. and are used to driving on the left side. Our first stop was hiking to a chasm. We hiked through the woods for about 20-30 minutes then we emerged from the woods and saw the ocean. The rock formations were incredible! We kept waking on the path among the rocks for 8 more minutes then got to a long, steep ladder that lead to the chasm. After everybody was safely down the ladder we walked over some big rocks and saw the chasm. I don’t think it would have been nice for swimming because it was murky, muddy, and disgusting. After walking back up the ladder we took in the beautiful view from the point. We even saw some humpback whales (a mamma and a baby). When their tail flicked up, I saw it was black on one side but white on the other. After whale watching for a while we trekked back to the van. When we all got back into the van we all shared a bag of balsamic, vinegar potato chips. We then stopped at this area that had sculptures made from trash found on the island. We were about to go back but stopped to look at a little hut that was a memorial for an art teacher that that died. It was full of pictures made from painted can tops and bottle tops, sink faucets ad some poems too. We kept driving and driving and driving and driving down the road until we got to the place we were going to eat lunch called Hio Café. The food was scrumptious. I got a burger (it was a super yummy burger), but the salads and the chicken wrap also looked good too. After lunch we drove off to the next hiking area. There were two trails one to a swimming chasm and another to the arch with water flowing in and out of it and we decided to hike to the arches first and then go swimming so we didn’t have to go hiking all wet. We hiked for 30 minutes through the woods like the last hike and them we scooted through this very slippery and wet cave. When we popped out of the end I could see the arches. We walked around and hopped on the rock to see other arches. When everyone was ready we hiked back to the van to change into our swim suits and go swimming. After changing into our swim suits we walked about five minutes to the chasm. We swam around for a good 25 minutes. There were quite a few fish and a ledge on the side of the cliff where all sat and the kids jumped off of. Finally, we walked back and changed. Our last stop was the grocery store. We got quite a bit of food and headed back to the dingy and then to the boat. I was tired from the long day and slept well that night. It was a really exciting day.

Day Two
The second day wasn’t as exciting as the first but it was still fun all the same. We lounged around in the morning went to town for the coral/ocean festival and then in the afternoon we decided to go to this other chasm with Blue Zulu in the van. We loaded our snorkeling stuff and other things into the van because it was a good swimming and snorkeling chasm. We then hopped in the van and drove to this new chasm. When we arrived, we lugged our stuff down the steps to the chasm. Since I knew we would be going swimming I already had my swim suit on. I lathered on the sunscreen and jumped into the water. We snorkeled around for a while looking at all the cool fish and beautiful coral. We also discovered an underwater tunnel to swim through. We got out of the water and discovered a path to another chasm. At this one there was a place to jump off into the water. We jumped into the water and snorkeled around once Anna (from Blue Zulu) saw a sea snake, I swam back and hung around near the steps where you can get in and out. After swimming we went to this place called the Sails Bar and had a drink there for happy hour. I got a ginger ale. With Stella and Fin (the kids from Blue Zulu) we found a path and walked down to the shore. Then we walked back up and finished our drinks. There was also some free books and we took a few. Then we drove back to the boat, ate dinner and went to sleep.

Day Three
I think this was my favorite day out of all of them. We woke up early so we could visit some chasms you could only visit at low tide. We got everything ready and went to Blue Zulu to see if they wanted to come too because we were sharing the van. They wanted to go but they had just woken up and it took about another 45 minutes for them to get ready. Finally, we all got to the van and zoomed off the first chasm. This swimming area was inside a cave and it was very beautiful. We found and underwater tunnel in this chasm too. There weren’t many fish but the coral was pretty. When the kids got bored of swimming we went to this cave that didn’t have water in it and explored it. We named it bunk bed cave because there was a second level you could climb up to. When it was time to go, we all clambered up the steps back to the parking lot. While people changed/dried off we opened a pack of rice crackers. The chasm we were going to go to before lunch was called Anapala Chasm. We walked through the trees about 20 minutes and came to this narrow cave with steep steps. This was a fresh water chasm. When I was almost there, Fin zoomed ahead and splash! He plunged into the water. He hadn’t seen the water because it was so clear and still also it was pretty dark and you could hardly see. Only a sliver of light came through at the top. Once every one was down the kids swam through the cold narrow water to the other side. We climbed all the way up the other side and saw some coconut crabs at the top. Then we climbed back down and swam back. Back at the van we all changed into clothes because we were heading for lunch at the Washaway café. We parked the car then walked down the hill to the café. We ordered our food and then sat down at a table in the shade. I had ordered a pizza. When the food came it looked delicious. We had so many fries because we had ordered three to share among all eight of us and Blue Zulu ordered two so he had five baskets of fries! After eating all the kids wanted to play hide-and-go-seek. Camille was the seeker and she counted to 50 and we all hid. She looked around for 10-15 minutes then gave up and we didn’t even know that she had quit. The last thing that was on our list to do was go to do the mini golf. We got to the course that was owned by the café next to it. We got the ball and club then started. There were eighteen runs in all and we only got through ten because there was seven of us. For the last ones we had to do them quicker and not record points. When mini golf was over, we drove back to the dock and dinghied back to the boat.

Bonfire on the Beach

The day before we were going to leave Huahine our friends planned to have a cookout/bonfire on a beach three miles south of where we were, for their 2nd year anniversary of living on their boat. We didn’t want to dingy because it would use a lot a dingy fuel and we didn’t want to return in the dark, so we drove big boat (Anila) to the bay near the beach. We drove to shore in the dingy right after we anchored and brought a big bag of Doritos chips, fresh fish to cook, and a couscous salad. The others had brought baguette, fish and cake. First, we had cake and chips to celebrate, then all the kids played games before the sun went down.
We started the bonfire and started cooking the fish. When the first fish was done, I made a fish sandwich by putting the baguette around the fish. When the next fish was done I plated some up and ate it with baguette and salad. The fish was so delicious I could have had more but I had to save room for marshmallows. When everyone was done eating we cooked marshmallows and ate them. I made three for me two for Camille and some more for mom and dad. When most people where done roasting their marshmallows on the coals we collected coconut husks and other wood and made the fire huge again. When I got bored of that, I watched the stars, looking for constellations I recognized, until I was tired and ready to go back to the boat.

4th of July Road Trip

We had another awesome Fourth of July. Although it wasn’t sailing around the San Juan Islands and hanging out in Roche Harbor with friends, it was still super great! We rented a car and drove around the island of Huahine. When we got the car, we went to the grocery store and bought some baguette sandwiches for lunch and snacks, then we went to the Agricultural Festival for Heiva. At the Agricultural Festival there were stands of people selling things (we bought honey, a shell necklace, pillow case covers and a woven bag.) At the festival there were also men and women doing contests. The women were making bouquets by weaving beautiful baskets and holders to put the flowers in and arranging the flowers. The men were weighing taro roots that they grew to see who had the heaviest. There were also animals including rabbits, chickens, horses, goats, cows, and pigs to view.
After going to that festival, we started walking back to the car but we saw a craft store which we browsed around and I got a cowry shell. When we got back to the car we looked at the map and saw that the Shell Museum was the first stop. It was two rooms with a ton of shells this person had been collecting for 30 years! There was some jewelry and stuff you could buy in one room and the second room had the shells in it. There were shells in cases all around the walls and a case in the center of the room. The man who had collected all the shells told us about them, like which ones were common and which ones were rare. Also, he showed us which shells where poisonous. Before we left we bought a book of French Polynesian shells/fish.
When we left the shell museum we continued down the road about 15 min to an archeological site. It wasn’t that interesting because we weren’t really sure what the ruins were and the hut that was supposed to have artifacts and things to read about the site was closed. We tried to find a place to sit down and eat lunch but there were a lot of fire ants everywhere, so I didn’t sit down while I ate.
Our next stop was the sacred Blue-Eyed eels. When we first got out of the car and looked down into the stream we only saw one. We walked up stream a little bit and saw a huge swarm of the eels. They were all there because some people where feeding them canned tuna. When the eels went into the sunlight you could catch a glimpse of their blue eyes.
After the eels we drove up this super steep hill to a beautiful view point that overlooked the ocean and the island below. We could see the clear blue water and the boat in the anchorage below. We could also see the red rock in the hill. Right before we were about to leave we saw a rainbow. The view was amazing especially with the rainbow.
We kept driving along and we stopped at one or two more viewpoints. Then we also picked up our hand-painted sarongs/pareos we had made the day earlier. The lady Natalie was very nice and gave us the dried pareos we had painted and she had helped fix some mistakes we made on them. Finally, we got back to town then returned the car. It was a great Fourth of July!

Arriving In the Marquesas

After being at sea for 19 days with no sight of land, we finally landed at the island Tahuata. The morning I woke in Tahuata I felt the cool breeze blowing into my window. Everyone slept in because we where super tired from the passage. But at about 10:00 most people where up. (Well everyone but Camille.) Anyways Blue Zulu and Counting Stars (Patrick and Brian) came and welcomed us. Blue Zulu gave us a Pamplemousses. For breakfast we ate the mango and blueberry muffins that I made, and the Pamplemousses Blue Zulu gave us. While we where eating it started raining very hard, so we had to close all of the hatches and the rain gave us a freshwater wash down. When the clouds cleared and it stopped raining we put on our swim suits and sunscreen we jumped into the clear cool water. After swimming around the boat a little, we went to shore in the dinghy. The engine wasn’t working right, so we rowed to shore with us and all the tools so dad could try fixing the dinghy engine on the beach. When we finally got to the shore we met two kid boats we didn’t know before: Element and Panacea. At the beach we swam, built sand castles, and searched for shells. With the pretty cowry shells, it turned out that I made necklaces with them.
We where going to leave two days after we arrived, but the bay was so beautiful and Marin, one of the girls from Counting Stars, was turning 11 and having a birthday party, so we stayed for that. The party was on the beach and we brought popcorn and juice. Other people brought banana bread, chips, cookies, and we all had chocolate birthday cake. While we were at the beach people helped burry me up to my neck in sand. It was super fun! Also, there was kittens with there mom who came out to get some attention. They were very cute. After the party we went back to that boat and ate some noodles then went to bed.


We see a lot of creatures from our boat including whales, dolphins, and turtles. The turtles just bob by but the dolphins swim near the bow of our boat.  My favorite is the dolphins!

Baby Dolphin and her Mother



Partying with the Locals

In Barra Navidad we went to a family restaurant and met the waiter named Rosa. She invited us to her cute little house the day after Christmas. When we went there we ate shrimp quesadillas and sung karaoke. Some of us cuddled with their dog Polita. She was very funny and didn’t like to be pat by anyone but the person who was holding her. If you tried to pet her when someone else was holding her she would make a low growling/purring noise. It was very funny.  A few nights later they came to our boat and we had tacos. Then, On New Years eve we went to this hotel her family from Mexico City was staying at and partied with her family and watched fireworks.

Beautiful fireworks

At the boat (from left to right) Dave, Rosa’s husband, Burgandy, and Rosa.

Rosa at the party

Rosa’s Husband, Rosa’s son (Diego) and Dave

Eating at Rosa’s (from left to right) Violet, Camille, Satin, Burgandy, Jake, Dave, and Me

Burgandy sitting with Polita

Christmas Day

Today was Christmas we got to open gifts and hangs out. For lunch/dinner we went to a potluck. The food was delicious! I got to build the Legos I got for Christmas too! I have to admit, this has been a great Christmas!

Next to the big gingerbread house

Heading to the potluck

New toys!

Our festive little tree at night

The tree during the day


Mom’s Birthday


This morning was mom’s birthday we made her pancakes and eggs for her birthday. Jake, Burgandy, and Violet brought over Bacon. We all ate, then mom had to go to her massage. Then I went to town with Camille, Violet, and Burgandy. Camille bought a backpack and I got a mini pie for Mom since I ate hers yesterday. Then I dropped accidentally. All the berries fell off, but the actual pie didn’t fall out. When mom came out from her massage I told her about the pie, but she said it was ok. I was feeling under the weather and I was complaining, and I didn’t want to upset mom, so I took the panga back to the boat. I watched some YouTube and made a card for mom. When mom got back I gave her the card and some cookies. Camille gave her a necklace.

That night we went out to a restaurant called Besame Mucho for mom’s birthday dinner. I got barbecue ribs. They were delicious, and they came with a baked potato, and sweet corn. After that meal we went back to the boat and I watched a movie while mom and dad chatted and hung out with Burgandy and Jake. Then I went to bed.

Going to Malaque


Today we headed to Malaque. The bus ride was soooo bumpy! I had never been on a bumpier bus. When we finally arrived at our stop we saw, and ice cream shop I asked for gum flavored ice cream, but it tasted terrible I asked if Camille wanted it but she didn’t, so I ended up throwing away the ice cream. But I ate the cone.
Next, we went to this place called the Hawaiian Store. The store had Kettle chips, Tillamook white extra sharp cheddar, and even Kalamata olives!!! We bought lots of food, (but not as much as we would probably buy), because we had to carry everything around town and back on the bus. After that we looked at some bathing suits while Dad and Jake went to the hard ware store. Camille, Violet, and I bought new swim suits.

When we got to the bus stop we waited for the bus. While we where waiting we saw little dogs in cages waiting to be adopted there was two, two by 3 feet cages one on top of the other. The dogs had little card board pieces to poop on and they where living in their own filth since those cardboard pieces looked like they hadn’t been changed in a while. I felt bad for the dogs.
The bus finally came we hopped in for the bumpy ride back to Barra Navidad.