Island Ixtapa

When I woke up this morning we were anchored in a beautiful little bay, by Island Ixtapa. It seemed pleasant until about ten o’clock then we were blessed with the roaring engines of jet skis and pangas, and the screaming gringos on banana boats. Kyra and I kayaked to shore to meet mom and dad to go snorkeling on the other side of the island. The sun was setting at the light to see the beautiful reefs was waning, but it was amazing nonetheless. We found a flock, is that what you call a group of rabbits, I don’t know, but they were munching on a heap of lettuce. We drove the dingy away from the beach, navigated our way through the vast amount of power boats that had begun to infiltrate the tiny anchorage for the sunset. Two particularly large boats had anchored very close to us, but all was good when they left just after sunset and all the people on the beach took water taxis back to the mainland. The beautiful anchorage was finally peaceful again and we had a delicious dinner of steak, mashed potatoes, and green beans. We watched the first half of In the Heart of the Sea, and slept soundly without all the side to side rolling.

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  1. It’s going to be fun to read of your experiences, Camille! We love that you found a way to use the word infiltrate!! Love, Greta, Lucy and Violet

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