Visiting Cousins in Temecula

On October 14, we drove up to Temecula to visit our cousins Hannah and Lilly.

First, we went to Hannah’s soccer game. Thank goodness Shary had brought some umbrella’s because it was blistering hot that day. We watched both halves and Hannah’s team played a good game, but unfortunately they lost.

After the game we went to the grocery store and bought some things for dinner and went to their house to eat.

While mom, Shary, and Steve prepared the dinner, me, Hannah and Lilly scootered.

Scootering  with Hannah and Lily

Dinner was delicious we ate salad and chicken. For dessert we had cookies, brownies, and ice cream.  After dinner we went to Hannah and Lily’s room and told scary stories.👀

Finally we had to go back to the boat. It was sad to leave, but they came and visited us in San Diego a few weeks after.

Saying goodbye to Hannah and Lily in Temecula

Hanging out in San Diego

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