Am I Really Here? Santa Maria Bay

November 6 – Waking to gentle rocking of the boat, on anchor, with a lovely breeze blowing is so blissful! Slept solidly for 7 hours. Ahhhh! Really needed it, since the night before was way too lumpy while on our passage from Bahia de Tortugas to Bahia Santa Maria. The waves were jerking us about, making the boat lurch and leap, the sail luffing on and off, not to mention watch schedules.

I am pinching myself right now. Am I really here? Are we really making this happen? Are we really on an extended trip with the whole family? Maybe we’re just on vacation? Nope! There are chores to be done, school and learning to do and boat projects to keep things in order.  The list is long.  The joke is maybe we’ll be ready for this trip (complete the supposed pre-departure projects) by the time we’re ready to return to Seattle area.


Beach Party Hanging

Beach Combing and Swimming

In Bahia Santa Maria, we enjoyed some hiking, the party, a celestial navigation with the sextant workshop, and of course beach time.

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  1. Great motto regarding the projects! I am getting ready to split my project list into must have and can do aling the way!

    Glad you are out sailing and did not wait till the projects were done. Although I missed being there when you cast your lines in SD and still miss you all, I was glad to walk the dock the morning you left and saw the empty slip.

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