Cabo Craziness

November 9 – My house rocks and rolls. Normally the boat is my cradle that gently rocks me to sleep, but not here in the anchorage outside Cabo. With all the boat traffic in the bay and giant cruise ships anchored so close it seems you could reach out and touch them,  the boat is pitching and rolling all around.  Ugh!  We scurry to shore to handle paperwork, find lunch and figure out the lay of the land.  Tonight was the Squid Roe disco party for the Baja-Haha.  Camille hung out with her new friend Pari, dancing while Kyra scowled and wasn’t amused one bit by this nightlife action.  They let kids in until 10pm so the girls were able to come with us.  This was a first for them both.  Eyes wide and surprised by it all, wow!


November 10 – Today was the Baja-Haha beach party.  Kids swam and got stung by a cute little blue jelly fish.  Camille had fun hanging with Violet and Pari.  Kyra was annoyed because she had no friends her age.  I felt bad for her.  The kissing contest on the beach was funny!  Later that night we found a fantastic restaurant that made several meals tableside.  I highly recommend this place: Los Barriles.




November 11 – Last night in Cabo was the Baja-Haha rewards ceremony.  We got 2nd place something.  Not sure it means much.  More importantly Dave and Kevin got drinks from Senor Frogs with crazy glasses.


November 12 – I’m tired tonight after 3 days in bustling Cabo San Lucas. Trying to stay awake to write.  We departed Cabo, said good byes and thank you to Kevin and set sail up into the Sea of Cortez which was so beautiful and serene until the wind shifted coming straight on the bow, along with waves that we beat through for hours.  We had to motor the other half of the way to Los Frailes so we would arrive to anchor with a little bit of light left. Anila was thoroughly washed clean today by all the water washing over her as we beat into the waves. Too bad it’s salty water, after a nice wash down in Cabo, right before departing. Ah, boat life’s problems!


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