Fishing boats galore

Today we left Zihuantanejo, and all the fishing boats weren’t about to let us leave without each one taking their turn at cutting us off. As soon as the anchor was lifted, I ramped up the engine and a panga headed straight in front of us. I jerked the boat sharply to port (left when looking toward the front of the boat) and passed behind them. The local driving, and the other people in the boat smiled and waved as if they had no idea that they had just cut of the boat that had the right of way. We then continued out of the bay and turned around the point to be greeted by even more pangas and a large fishing boat. I had intended to go between the big rock and the fishing boat but that’s not what the fishing boat had in mind. It started headed directly where I wanted to go, so I turned the boat to port, and continued along thinking I had solved the problem. Haha, nope! It then turned to that it was coming straight at us from the starboard side. I cranked up the engine and powered past the fishing boat, right as it came to a stop. Finally, no more fishing boats. Just points to set on the map to get to Papa Noa, a small fishing town for a night on the coast. Well, no more fishing boats to navigate around, there were still the pogas zooming back and forth all at dusk and six in the morning. Oh well, if this is how I get to eat delicious fish, hello ear plugs!

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