Partying with the Locals

In Barra Navidad we went to a family restaurant and met the waiter named Rosa. She invited us to her cute little house the day after Christmas. When we went there we ate shrimp quesadillas and sung karaoke. Some of us cuddled with their dog Polita. She was very funny and didn’t like to be pat by anyone but the person who was holding her. If you tried to pet her when someone else was holding her she would make a low growling/purring noise. It was very funny.  A few nights later they came to our boat and we had tacos. Then, On New Years eve we went to this hotel her family from Mexico City was staying at and partied with her family and watched fireworks.

Beautiful fireworks

At the boat (from left to right) Dave, Rosa’s husband, Burgandy, and Rosa.

Rosa at the party

Rosa’s Husband, Rosa’s son (Diego) and Dave

Eating at Rosa’s (from left to right) Violet, Camille, Satin, Burgandy, Jake, Dave, and Me

Burgandy sitting with Polita

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