Good Bye Barra De Navidad!

Today was the day that we left Barra De Navidad, and headed for Manzanillo. We said our goodbyes to the Scotts then they headed into town to get food provisions for their next two weeks in Tenacatita. We had about 5 minutes until we would leave, and I realized I hadn’t made Violet her early birthday present. I grabbed my laptop, canvas, charcoal, and lead. I quickly sketched two girls sitting on the edge of a dock. I shaded it and made it a black and white lead and charcoal canvas mural. I put it on the shelf above her bed with a note on the back for her to find went she got back. Then we pulled away from our ten-day home. It was a short hop to Manzanillo, and anchored in full light. Made burgers and slept tummy’s full of good beef burgers, none of that crap the Mexicans classify as burgers.

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