Mom’s Birthday


This morning was mom’s birthday we made her pancakes and eggs for her birthday. Jake, Burgandy, and Violet brought over Bacon. We all ate, then mom had to go to her massage. Then I went to town with Camille, Violet, and Burgandy. Camille bought a backpack and I got a mini pie for Mom since I ate hers yesterday. Then I dropped accidentally. All the berries fell off, but the actual pie didn’t fall out. When mom came out from her massage I told her about the pie, but she said it was ok. I was feeling under the weather and I was complaining, and I didn’t want to upset mom, so I took the panga back to the boat. I watched some YouTube and made a card for mom. When mom got back I gave her the card and some cookies. Camille gave her a necklace.

That night we went out to a restaurant called Besame Mucho for mom’s birthday dinner. I got barbecue ribs. They were delicious, and they came with a baked potato, and sweet corn. After that meal we went back to the boat and I watched a movie while mom and dad chatted and hung out with Burgandy and Jake. Then I went to bed.

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