Celebration of Birthday

December 30 – The day was quite nice.  I woke to a pancake, eggs and bacon breakfast.  Dave was short-order cook.  Burgandy brought over the bacon.  Delicious!  Afterwards I bolted to town on a water taxi (panga) for an hour message.  Very relaxing but was confused at the end.  She didn’t tell me she was done and then never came back to wake me up.  I finally heard my kids voices in the distance which always wakes me so I got up.  We wandered Barra de Navidad shopping for a bit then headed back to our boats.

Later Camille and Violet went surfing.  Sitting on the beach, Burgandy and I watched the surfing and chatted.  It was relaxing!  For dinner we went out to eat at Besame Mucho.  This was a very good choice!  Little spendy, as far as Mexico goes, but so worth it.  Drank a red Temporanillo wine and had ribs, baked potato and corn on the cob.  I loved all the birthday wishes and enjoyed being in Barra de Navidad.

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