Day 1 Passage Update to Hiva Oa

We are going to try to post daily passage notes via our satellite email as we make our way from the Galapagos to Hiva Oa. This is a low bandwidth connection so we can’t add pretty pictures and can’t respond to comments until we arrive, but we hope you enjoy these updates.
Summary: Calm seas and nice afternoon and evening winds helped speed us out of the Galapagos. Now trying to escape light winds and rolly seas to get to the trades.
Position: 02 26.83 S 097 07.38 W
COG: 202 degrees m (has been 220, re-adjusting for tomorrow’s predicted winds)
22 hour distance: 153 nm
Average speed 6.95 kts
Distance to go to Hiva Oa: 2,831 nm as the frigate bird flies
Day 1 Summary: We checked out and bought some final supplies and souvenirs Monday morning (best find: cranberry juice). Nice afternoon winds from the aft beam allowed us to fly with the main and asymmetrical spinnaker until nearly midnight, with motor assist to charge batteries and make water. This morning we have light and variable winds with waves from multiple directions creating rolly conditions. Lots of rain washing deck clean. Kyra bumped her head and has been icing it, moving around is challenging. Based on forecasts, it looks like we have at least another day under power to reach better winds. We can’t wait.
Wildlife sighting: 2 squid on deck were returned to the ocean (Camille says #savethesquid). 2 whales of some sort passed by this morning. A giant moth.

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  1. Hiva Oa looks beautiful… we are tempted to book a flight over and meet you there.. don’t be surprised if you find us at Atuona Airport when you arrive 🙂 Best of luck on the “puddle jump”.

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