Day 12 Update: Watermelon Day

Summary: After the winds picked up yesterday we switched from spinnaker to wing & wing with the genoa polled out on the starboard side. It was an extremely rolly ride, the most uncomfortable so far of the passage. Winds have shifted back to more SE and increased again so we are back to our previous port tack heading and feeling a lot better.
Position: 08 59.73 S 120 28.58 W at 12:00 UTC-7
COG: 246 degrees m
Distance: 171 nm (24 hr), 2,053 nm total
Average Speed : 7.125 kts (24 hr)
Distance to go to Hiva Oa: 1,079 nm
It was a slower and uncomfortable ride almost directly downwind yesterday. We were doing our best to make good VMG towards Hiva Oa, and the off-angle alternatives weren’t very good. We made it through a rough and rocky night which included our watermelon going flying and cracking open at 1:30 am. Satin cleaned up the mess and cut it up into containers. It was about time to start eating the big watermelon from the Santa Cruz market anyhow as we are nearly out of other fruits and veggies. Dinner last night was simple leftovers as it was hard to even pull food out of the refrigerator.
We’ve just about passed the 2/3rd mark and are hoping for continued good SE winds the rest of the way. Everyone is doing well and can’t want to arrive. It’s looking like we have another week and will get there on Saturday if the winds keep up and we can sail a heading close to the rhumb line (most direct route).
Wildlife Sightings: the usual flying fish and occasional bird, no fish caught

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  1. You guys are doing great!!! 2/3 of the way across, and more by the time you get this message. Also, was wondering if you skipped a post on Friday the 13th (sailor’s perogative) OR you crossed the international dateline on your posts? Fantastic. Here in Redmond we are getting a major rainstorm-and the whole PNW is getting quite a storm, flooding, etc. House looks fine. Cheers.

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