Day 14 Update: Lighter Winds

Summary: Winds continue to be light at 13 kts from the east. We made slow progress overnight and immediately hoisted the spinnaker at dawn. We’re off angle 20 degrees from Hiva Oa and expect to be jibing our way there with no break from the rolling.
Position: 09 16.18 S 125 44.509 W at 12:00 UTC-8 (new clock setting)
COG: 278 degrees m
Distance: 163 nm (24 hr), 2,387 nm total
Average Speed : 6.8 kts (24 hr)
Distance to go to Hiva Oa: 770 nm
The seas have also settled down, but with equally diminished wind speeds the side to side rolling doesn’t feel any better. We adjusted the sails for less noise and flapping last night which helped a bit with being able to sleep. With land looming ever closer the kids have renewed their efforts at schoolwork so they can participate in shore excursions and not be so far behind when we arrive.
Otherwise, it’s been business as usual onboard. Dave added some lubrication to the rudder shaft which started squeaking annoyingly a few days back. It will get a more substantial greasing when conditions allow. We’ve been paying close attention to line chafe and putting on protective line covers when necessary to avoid any problems. All other equipment onboard has been working well although we swear we keep hearing new noises. We hope it’s just things shifting around as we roll. Either way, we’re going to give Anila’s systems a thorough check through after we arrive as there’s definitely been a lot of wear and tear on the passage.
Interestingly and annoyingly, some screws on deck are getting some rust, but not all and not even some on the same fixtures right next to each other. Perhaps this is an indication of the quality of the stainless used on said screws. Were interested in any tips for cleaning up rusty screws. We’re certainly going to be busy polishing the rest of the stainless to remove salty rust marks before they can cause greater problems.
Our “haute cusine” dinner aboard last night was Texas-style chili (with beans) and honey cornbread. We were so full we didn’t have any kind of special dessert. Maybe tonight.
All is well onboard (aside from passage fatigue) and we’re looking forward to some landfall reports and hope to see many of you soon again.

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  1. 2387 nm in this passage alone? Wow!
    My daughter Roseanne and I suffered with motion sickness during a crossing from California just to Catalina island. I always wondered if it were possible for us to develop “sea legs” with time and exposure.
    Needless to say I sure do respect you all as ocean voyagers! You are amazing.
    I don’t understand all of the nautical terms, but I do love to hear of your adventures!
    Thanks for sharing’
    Aunt Chris

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