Chocolate Makes Everything Better

May 29 – Another day with a broken water maker made everyone on edge and stinky (no showers until it’s fixed). Stinky body. Stinky attitudes! The girls did school work begrudingly, then Stella from Blue Zulu came over for a bit to interview Kyra – something for her school work. We went a shore and took a stroll along the road with the Pakokota Lodge owners (Matthieu et Agnes) dog named Kiera. She’s super sweet and so cute. She loved the walk as much as we did.
Upon our return, we inquired about doing laundry. She could do it for us today, no problem. I would bring it back shortly.  After lunch I dropped off the laundry.
Dave kept working on the water maker with little to no luck. He was more than a furious mad-hatter so we all tried to stay clear of his negative energy, but it’s difficult when we’re in such close quarters. I really wanted to help and kept offering to do whatever he needed or wanted.
Finally, around 5:30pm I made him clean up and get ready to head to shore for dinner at the lodge. We had made prior reservations and I wasn’t missing this. It was a good thing we were heading “out” because the boat was such a disaster and impossible to cook with all the tools out, seat cushions pulled apart and all of Camille’s stuff displaced since he was working under her bed.
As we dinghied across the water, delicious smells wafted along. Was it chocolate cake? Potatoes au gratin? I had wishful thinking which turned out to be exactly what was served along with grilled duck and a delicious salad of cabbage, carrot, tomatoes. Everything was super delicious and so wonderful. We all ate well!

Dessert did not disappoint – it was chocolate cake with chocolate ice cream. Thank goodness for chocolate to raise Dave’s spirits after a day of disappointment with the stinky water maker.

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  1. Beautiful photos! I love all of your blogs even the ups and downs of life at sea. I admire and respect each one of you for your unique role while undertaking such an incredible adventure.

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