Arriving In the Marquesas

After being at sea for 19 days with no sight of land, we finally landed at the island Tahuata. The morning I woke in Tahuata I felt the cool breeze blowing into my window. Everyone slept in because we where super tired from the passage. But at about 10:00 most people where up. (Well everyone but Camille.) Anyways Blue Zulu and Counting Stars (Patrick and Brian) came and welcomed us. Blue Zulu gave us a Pamplemousses. For breakfast we ate the mango and blueberry muffins that I made, and the Pamplemousses Blue Zulu gave us. While we where eating it started raining very hard, so we had to close all of the hatches and the rain gave us a freshwater wash down. When the clouds cleared and it stopped raining we put on our swim suits and sunscreen we jumped into the clear cool water. After swimming around the boat a little, we went to shore in the dinghy. The engine wasn’t working right, so we rowed to shore with us and all the tools so dad could try fixing the dinghy engine on the beach. When we finally got to the shore we met two kid boats we didn’t know before: Element and Panacea. At the beach we swam, built sand castles, and searched for shells. With the pretty cowry shells, it turned out that I made necklaces with them.
We where going to leave two days after we arrived, but the bay was so beautiful and Marin, one of the girls from Counting Stars, was turning 11 and having a birthday party, so we stayed for that. The party was on the beach and we brought popcorn and juice. Other people brought banana bread, chips, cookies, and we all had chocolate birthday cake. While we were at the beach people helped burry me up to my neck in sand. It was super fun! Also, there was kittens with there mom who came out to get some attention. They were very cute. After the party we went back to that boat and ate some noodles then went to bed.

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  1. Kyra, it sounds like you are making so many new friends!! Thank you for sharing your stories!! Love, Greta

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