Bonfire on the Beach

The day before we were going to leave Huahine our friends planned to have a cookout/bonfire on a beach three miles south of where we were, for their 2nd year anniversary of living on their boat. We didn’t want to dingy because it would use a lot a dingy fuel and we didn’t want to return in the dark, so we drove big boat (Anila) to the bay near the beach. We drove to shore in the dingy right after we anchored and brought a big bag of Doritos chips, fresh fish to cook, and a couscous salad. The others had brought baguette, fish and cake. First, we had cake and chips to celebrate, then all the kids played games before the sun went down.
We started the bonfire and started cooking the fish. When the first fish was done, I made a fish sandwich by putting the baguette around the fish. When the next fish was done I plated some up and ate it with baguette and salad. The fish was so delicious I could have had more but I had to save room for marshmallows. When everyone was done eating we cooked marshmallows and ate them. I made three for me two for Camille and some more for mom and dad. When most people where done roasting their marshmallows on the coals we collected coconut husks and other wood and made the fire huge again. When I got bored of that, I watched the stars, looking for constellations I recognized, until I was tired and ready to go back to the boat.

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