Neiafu Chores and Running

August 30 – Woke up early despite being out late the night before. Today I rubbed Camille awake too for a run with Laurie. I saw dark clouds and rain, plus it was cold, so I worried Camille would poop out on me and not be motivated to get out of bed but surprisingly she did and off we went. We dinghied over to Muskoka to pick her up. She popped up only minutes before we arrived saying she had slept in since she was out late dancing too.
We first schlepped off to purchase eggs and bread along with Manna, then we walked back and started our regiment. We had a good workout doing hills and stairs. Laurie timed Camille doing some sprints and measured her jumps. She assessed Camille as doing pretty good. Not sure how that compares to other kids she’s trained but perhaps Camille would be good at track in high school.
Once back at the boat, Camille’s stomach ached. She didn’t want to eat. I insisted and gave her a bite of banana. In 10 minutes she rebounded and was able to eat.

We did our chores today of dropping off the laundry, ordering custom T-shirts (finally) and picking up some more provisions. In the evening we had dinner with Kendall and Brian from Counting Stars while our kids all returned to the boat to hang out. We ate at the cutest little Basque Spanish Tapas restaurant on the hill facing the water. Sunset was beautiful and relaxing. Dave even had good WIFI and made some calls and bought us girls our airplane tickets from Tonga to New Zealand. Yeah! It’s official now: we are not crewing with him from Tonga to New Zealand. This passage is almost 1100 miles and can be a tricky (difficult if weather sneaks up on you). It’s better that we don’t make it.

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  1. Look forward to your pictures of New Zealand. It is so gorgeous. Adam was there and visited the Shire or Hobbit Town…not sure what it was called but I loved it.

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