Birthday Fun (Seattle Style)

Sep 15 – It’s Dave’s birthday! We walked into town from here (anchorage #10), about 5 km with a bunch of friends. We purchased a few provisions and then had lunch at Mangos and walked back.

The rain didn’t stop us. It poured down drenching us thoroughly on the way in.

The way back the skies were forgiving and allowed us to walk without our heads being pelted. The only trouble was my feet were still soaked, like prunes, the skin so moist that every step was rubbing it raw. It didn’t help I trudged on by the last turn off, and went an extra 25 minutes out of our way. The turn off consists of an overgrown “road” or path with taro growing on one side, scraggly trees on the other and tall grass all around. The path is barely visible but according to my phone map app, it’s a road. Hah!

By the time we reached the overgrown steps winding down the cliff side to the abandoned fish house on the shore, my feet were on fire screaming at me. Brian came to fetch us in the dinghy. Our shoes were covered in red mud. It had caked on so thick we were probably carrying an extra 2.5 kilos on each foot.

Once at the boat I kicked into high gear to make Dave’s birthday dinner. At his request, calzones, which meant rising the dough and rolling it out and then stuffing them and baking. Kyra made his chocolate cake. Julie and Curtis made the sauce and others brought toppings. I couldn’t have pulled it off without Kendall and Julie’s help in the kitchen. We whipped together 16 personalized calzones that were all so delicious we scarfed them down. Then we had cake too. I was a stuffed pig, just like all the ones freely roaming around rooting in yards on our walk. It was a good time! I think we set a record for how many people we’ve had over at one time for dinner, not to mention the all baking, making and prepping in our little galley.

Fortunately, the rain relented and we adults were able to all sit in the cockpit and enjoy ourselves.   Fun night had by all – island style with a pinch of rain and a dash of tropical humidity!

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