The island of Niue is mostly coral and caves that make the fifteen-meter cliffs full of deep holes and chasms. You can walk through the lush tropical forest, to the cliff edges and around unique rock formations to arrive to deep arroyos and stunning views. Togo Chasm is nestled in the midst of the islands tall rock face just off the water’s edge. You can then climb down a slippery wooden ladder from the crag above. Below, is sand, palm trees and towering walls to each side that leave you with a view of the cloud dotted sky. The air is salty and filled with the scent of rotting coconuts and soggy lichen clinging to the rocks. We walked right into a secluded little paradise away from the rest of the world. On the other side of the island, a short hike through a low cave puts you on a sprawling rock outcrop just above an expansive coral platform full of little pools and an exquisite view of the famous Talava arch on the other side of the coral. The water is crystal clear and you can see colorful algae, reef fish, and huge sea slugs moving their flower like antennae in front of them as they slowly slide forwards. Waves are crashing at edge of the arch making for fantastic picture opportunities and if you pick your way through the sharp rocks you can reach the side of the arch. Climbing down onto the coral platform allows you to move around atop the wet rocks. There are many other places you could visit that are all spectacular in their own special way, but these are definitely two of the most dramatic destinations on the gorgeous islands of Niue.

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  1. It sounds spectacular, Camille. Thanks for sharing your perspective. Your descriptive words jump off the page, I can almost imagine being there!

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