Dinghy Dunk Getting Eggs

September 22 – Today we figured we’d get up early, get our chores done and then eat breakfast at Mangos restaurant in town while we called Phil to go over house remodel items. All went according to plan and then we shuffled back to the boat to prepare for heading out to another anchorage, #7 our favorite. Then I realized we had bought eggs but not enough for 9 eggs to go into making cupcakes for Kyra’s birthday party treats.
I figured we could dash back into town and get another dozen. We went in the dinghy. Dave driving. Just after we started to go on plane, he hit a rope just slightly submerged beneath the surface of the water with no marking buoy on it. I went flying out of the dinghy and into the water. My purse was around me, but I managed to keep it up out of the water, thank goodness! My hand was stuck in the handle, so I was dangling over the edge hanging on. I was totally surprised. Dave was aghast and trying to turn off the revving engine. He did and then turned to help me. I clamored back in half chuckling, half wondering what the heck happened. He kept asking if I was ok. Nothing hurt, just surprised. I flopped back into the dinghy. Another dinghy saw it and came over to ask if we were ok. We confirmed we’re ok just surprised. Onward we went in search of eggs.
I sloshed up to the market to inquire about eggs with no luck. All were sold already or spoken for. I returned to the dinghy and Dave trudged into town for me while I waited in the dinghy trying to dry off a bit. The lady at the market looked upon me strangely when I asked for eggs. I told her what happened. Her young daughter, maybe 10-11 years old chuckled. Her mother gave her a look. I said it was ok because it was a bit comical after all.
Fortunately, Dave returned with eggs and off we went back to the boat. He wanted to find the rope again and tie something to it, but we didn’t have anything and I was soaked. We headed for our boat. I was insistent that we needed to go so we threw off the mooring ball and headed out. He was anguished about that rope in the water, and for good reason. Later we discovered another boat, Ultimo, also hit it.
The good news is, the locals went out and tried to find it to mark it or get rid of it.
Once we arrived in anchorage # 7, Port Maurelle, the one we’ve been to already 3 times but it is quite lovely and protected, we began baking cupcakes for Kyra’s party the next day. Blue Zulu agreed to motor over for the day and of course Counting Stars and Shawnigan were here for the festivities. The kids were all hanging out on our boat so they helped me make them. Nina started first, then Isla helped. It was fun but hot! Dave escaped the madness and went to Counting Stars’ boat to convince them not to depart for Hapai so the kids could attend the party. Kyra would’ve been devastated had they left early. She wanted so badly for Marin and Isla to come to her party!

We ate a chickpea Indian flavored with coconut milk for dinner. The girls ate leftover spaghetti.

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