Scooter News Update

It was our 2nd to last day in Barra Navidad and we were going to the pool. Before we went to the pool we went up to the lobby to see if they had found my scooter. They had to call different parts of the hotel and they told us to wait 5 or 10 minutes. Instead we decided to go to the pool and come back in an hour or 2. So we went swimming at the pool and dried off then went back up to the lobby. We asked them about the scooter and they had found it!!!

I was so excited because I thought someone had stolen it but they had found it!   🤗😁


Waiting for scooter

My scooter is back!

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  1. Kyra, I am so glad you got your scooter back. What a great story. I bet you could sew a strap for it so you can strap it on like a backpack. I can imagine all the brightly colored textiles you could find in Mexico. I see a home ec. project in your future. Enjoy!!

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