Christmas on the Boat

December 25 – With a small tree from Walmart, mini lights, stockings and a few gifts we had a smaller scale Christmas scene but still lively and happy.  Everybody loved their gifts.  Camille was over the moon happy to get a certificate for tickets to Hamilton and a trip home to Seattle (well for all of us).  Kyra’s eyes lit up when she got Lego friends.  Dave was thrilled to get panettone while I was ecstatic to have a waterproof case for my iPhone.

The girls made us gifts!  And we had the best breakfast treats ever – French pastries from the French baker that came around via boat ringing his bell announcing his arrival.

We moved our boat away from a large, annoying power boat.  I made melon fruit salad and then brought it to the cruiser Christmas potluck at the ‘Time Out’ bar in town.  There were about 80 people in attendance with lots of food.  The traditional turkey and all the fixin’s.  We ate a lot but worked it off afterwards by wandering through town before returning across the bay to Isla Navidad where the marina is.

After the meal, they did a white elephant gift exchange.  We didn’t bring anything, as it was optional, but Burgandy brought her homemade jewelry and she offered our girls to pick something.  Each participant got a number if you put in a gift.  So when it was the girl’s turn they chose something.  Camille went straight for Burgandy’s jewelry and loved the necklace she received.  Kyra stole from someone else and got a round, wooden box.  She was so pleased with her treasure chest.

Later that day, we discovered the fridge and freezer wasn’t cooling and the compressor was overheating.  Grrr!  Dave investigated by pulling the pump off and discovering the inside of the mechanism was full of salty water and corrosion.  He promptly flew into a nook and dug out the spare pump.  I have to admit I’m very happy he was so thorough with buying a ton of spare parts, but at the time we were packing the boat, I kept grousing about how much “junk” he was stowing away.

With help from Jake on Sassafrass, they changed the pump and got the fridge and freezer up and running again.  Thank goodness!

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