Going to Malaque


Today we headed to Malaque. The bus ride was soooo bumpy! I had never been on a bumpier bus. When we finally arrived at our stop we saw, and ice cream shop I asked for gum flavored ice cream, but it tasted terrible I asked if Camille wanted it but she didn’t, so I ended up throwing away the ice cream. But I ate the cone.
Next, we went to this place called the Hawaiian Store. The store had Kettle chips, Tillamook white extra sharp cheddar, and even Kalamata olives!!! We bought lots of food, (but not as much as we would probably buy), because we had to carry everything around town and back on the bus. After that we looked at some bathing suits while Dad and Jake went to the hard ware store. Camille, Violet, and I bought new swim suits.

When we got to the bus stop we waited for the bus. While we where waiting we saw little dogs in cages waiting to be adopted there was two, two by 3 feet cages one on top of the other. The dogs had little card board pieces to poop on and they where living in their own filth since those cardboard pieces looked like they hadn’t been changed in a while. I felt bad for the dogs.
The bus finally came we hopped in for the bumpy ride back to Barra Navidad.

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